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simply, a beautiful wedding day.

About two years prior to Nick and Katie's wedding day I was at a Galentine's Day party with a few friends and a couple strangers. Towards the end of the night this girl I knew only by the name Katie told me that she thought we'd be good friends - she wasn't wrong. I am beyond honored that Katie and Nick trusted me to capture their big day and I love that I was able to capture and witness all these special moments between one of my greatest friends and her groom. This couple and their family freaking rock. You can read a little bit about their big day below or scroll all the way down and see some of my favorite photos.

We all know a wedding takes a lot of preparation and there are so many decisions to make - here are a few things Katie + Nick did to celebrate their big day and a few moments that stuck out in my mind.

Friends and Family are always a huge part in making the couple's day come together smoothly and Katie and Nick really hit it out of the park with their wedding party. The girl's all got ready at Michael and Melanie's. Melanie was Katie's Matron of Honor and Michael is Katies brother, Nick's groomsman and co-owner of Handlebend, so he was of course at the house in the morning making breakfast mules for all the girls while they got ready. They were obviously DELICIOUS and a crowd pleaser for sure. Katie really picked friends wisely too because, Emma, personal attendant, hair dresser, make-up artist, and friend, also got to help out on the big day and did Katie's hair and make-up - which made the getting ready time so special.

When planning Nick and Katie's first look they wanted to do something a little different, so Katie had Nick zip up her dress to help her get ready for their big day and capturing that moment was sooo precious and it's something I will be definitely be recommending to future couples. Since Nick helped Katie with the finishing touches of her dress her mom hadn't seen her in her dress yet, so while a lot of my brides have a first look with their dad, Katie had both her mom and dad walk in together to see her. We were all holding back tears for this one.

Katie's mom, Kay, reached out to me before the big day to ask if I could get a portrait of Katie that one of her cousins had done in the past, instead of explaining I'll just let you see for yourself. I love how this turned out and I'm so glad Kay let me know she wanted this portrait!

The flower girls and ring bearers are the stars of the show during the ceremony, this day is really for them, am I wrong? This sweet flower girl was READY to throw petals- but she had a bouquet, so she went for the next best thing and just ripped those flowers right out of the bouquet and tossed them on the floor! It was so cute and really got everyone in the church to crack a smile or giggle before the bride walked down the aisle.

Katie and her dad have an understanding that whenever Sweet Home Alabama comes on at a wedding that they'll drop what they're doing and meet each other on the dance floor. So it made perfect sense to have that be their father daughter dance. I'm always a sucker for those swing dancing father daughter dances and it was really hard to keep the tears in during this sweet one.

Nick and Katie are a hometown couple, they both grew up in our small town and as most of us know- that means for a great party. Nothing beats music, beer, and great company - and after getting to know the Stepp family the past few years I've come to find out they're pretty great company and they know how to throw a party. Check out some of my favorite images from their big day in the gallery below!

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